ADAMANT Messenger Terms of Service

ADAMANT Messenger is based on decentralized Blockchain technologies, and therefore:
  • ADAMANT Messenger is initially focused on the security of correspondence, and the privacy of its users.
  • ADAMANT Messenger displays completely open-source code at all times, license GPL-3.0. The source code is available on GitHub:
  • ADAMANT Messenger is offered “AS IS”, with no warranties.
  • Developers are only contributors and users of the ADAMANT Messenger.
  • Developers do not control any actions on the part of users.
  • Developers do not have privileges in the ADAMANT Messenger.
  • Developers have no possibility to disable or block any accounts in the ADAMANT Messenger.
  • Developers have no possibility to obtain encryption keys or read correspondence or other information of any ADAMANT Messenger user.
  • Developers have no possibility to restore access to any user’s account if lost. Users are responsible for the safety and protection of their own accounts.
  • Developers are not responsible for user content, messages, media, and goals and intentions of using the ADAMANT Messenger.
  • Developers do not store any information transmitted between users (messages, multimedia) and are not responsible for its storage on/in the Blockchain.
  • Developers have no possibility to access, nor are responsible for any assets (including but not limited to: cryptocurrencies), connected to or sent via the ADAMANT Messenger.
  • ADAMANT Messenger utilizes metadata, as facts of communications between accounts, available publicly in its Blockchain.
  • Developers do not cooperate with any third party or external services in terms of providing any usage data.
  • ADAMANT Messenger infrastructure (Blockchain nodes) belong to its users and are run by users.
  • Developers have no possibility to deactivate, stop or pause the ADAMANT Messenger. Developers offer no warranty on running the ADAMANT Messenger.
  • Developers do not bear responsibility for the possible risks, costs, and faults associated with the ADAMANT Messenger.
  • Users of the ADAMANT Messenger henceforth take all responsibility for its use, including but not limited to: legitimacy of the blockchain and other technologies applied within the Messenger, using anonymous messaging services, and other jurisdiction laws.
  • Whilst using the ADAMANT Website, users agree with the Privacy Policy—/privacy.
By using the ADAMANT Messenger, you henceforth accept these Terms of Service.

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