Join the ADAMANT Messenger Team

If you are as excited as we are about about implementing blockchain technology to provide a real messenger with true security and privacy, then apply to join us!
The ADAMANT Project team is constantly expanding, and we’re looking for specialists who share the idea of ADAMANT and are ready to work with enthusiasm.
We’re are looking for all forms of contributors (remote work):
  • Developers—Node.js, JavaScript/ Vue, Android or iOS
  • Security Engineers
  • Regional representatives and Marketing Managers (especial in Republic of Korea, Japan, USA, Great Britain, Canada, China, Hong Kong, UK)
Before you apply, please consider the following:
  • Do not send us your promotional offers, they should be directed to;
  • Part-time or full time, with deep immersion. No one-time work offers.
  • Passion for technologies important as well as your skills
  • Be ready to receive full or most part of compensation for your work in ADM tokens
If you’re interested, please contact us through the ADAMANT Messenger U15677078342684640219.
  • ADAMANT TECH LABS 2017–2020
  • Office 29, Clifton House, Fitzwilliam Street Lower
  • Dublin 2, D02 XT91, REPUBLIC OF IRELAND