The most Private messenger possible, Period

Absolutely anonymous

No need to register or enter any info:
— No emails, no phone numbers
— No access to user device’s data
(like address book or location)
— Your IP is hidden for interlocutors
— Privacy and top-level encryption


Your device does not store any info.
It directly interacts with the Blockchain, where every byte is fully-encrypted. Your End-to-End encrypted messages can never be read by third parties
(including developers or anyone else)

Open Source and Trusted

We use GPLv3 license for ADAMANT.
Feel free to deploy packages and revise the Code — including server-side Blockchain node, communication protocol and a client messenger app.
You have reasons to trust ADAMANT.


Bonus token aftersale distribution.
ADM Wallets grow by 5% every month until all of unsold ICO-tokens are being distributed. And ADM-transfer system allows to make transactions at a very low cost with a 5-second execution.

No application required

We provide a Progressive Web App.
No need to install anything — use any modern browser on your smartphone, tablet or desktop to start messaging! And native versions of Android / iOS applications are in development now.

Proper business solution

The whole system is a rock-solid!
So you could confidently use it for every kind of communication. Even the serious ones. Use secure document transfers and blockchain-proved digital sign for your business needs.

Why you should use ADAMANT — take a look

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ADAMANT Tech Labs Team:

Contact Pavel on Vkontakte

Pavel Evgenov

Graduate of Government and Municipal Management (IMEI) — Alumnus.

Executive and innovator in
IT and Financial projects. MBA.

Secretary of Moscow Youth Community Ward.

Contact Leonid on Facebook

Leonid Anisimov

Graduate of Bauman Moscow State Technical University
(faculty of Power Engineering).

Freelancer and venture investor.

Interests: active recreation, journeys, extreme sports.

Contact Denis on Facebook

Denis Sokolov

Graduate of Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

Higher Business School — MBA
(State University of Management)

Investor of HHI IT-company.
Interests: journeys, sports.

Contact Andrey on Facebook

Andrey Medvedev

Distinction graduate of Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (MESI).

Venture investor.
Lawyer board's financial deputy of Magnetar company.

Passionate for martial arts.

Contact Alexey by Email

Alexey Lebedev

IBM Certified Solution Designer
— IBM Rational Unified Process.

Blockchain enthusiast.

Over 15 years of work experience with IT-projects management and development.

Head of InfoResheniya and irSoftware.

Contact Dmitry on LinkedIn

Dmitriy Soloduhin

Master of science at Information Systems department of Vladimir State University.

Developer and system architect for wide spectrum of information systems
(including Blockchain).
Wide range IT-specialist.

Interests: Lego, photography.

Contact Maxim on LinkedIn

Maxim Pikhtovnikov

Graduate of the faculty of Micro-units and technical cybernetics (MIET) — Alumnus.

Designer and marketologist with work experience in major international companies. Computer network and information security enthusiast since 1999.

IT-advisor and executive, coach.

Project Roadmap (2017-2018)