ADAMANT Messenger for iOS

Good news everyone! Right now the ADAMANT Messenger native iOS app is in an active development phase.

But you can start using it right away! Here’s a short manual for those who want to be the first for the test flight 🙂

  1. Request an invitation to participate in Beta-testing through this simple Google form
    In this test-case you can use any email address, there’s no need to enter your Apple ID to join.
    All requests are handled manually, so, please be patient — everyone will get his invite soon.
  2. Check your email for an invitation letter from our devs. Is should look like this:

    A typical email with invitation for TestFlight.
  3. Click the “View in TestFlight” blue button and follow the instruction on the page. It should also contain your unique Redeem code, which is used by TestFlight to install the ADAMANT Messenger Beta app.

    The invitation page should look like this.
  4. Install an Apple TestFlight application from the official App Store — this small app is used to deploy Betas with comfort.
    Here’s the link (or use Search field instead). 
  5. Open TestFlight and choose Redeem. Then enter your code from the page above.
  6. Now TestFlight will show you details about the application you’re going to install (ADAMANT Messenger Beta).

A new app icon is placed on your iOS desktop. Enjoy it and give us some feedback !