ADAMANT Security Contest — 40 ETH

The original vision for ADAMANT is to provide a completely secure and confidential online messenger for private conversations. We have taken some of the best known approaches in modern cryptography and combined it with a variety of updated general consensus, blockchain-related technologies.
We have published an article about how ADAMANT beats other messengers in terms of security and confidentiality and also created the comparison table. We also recommend you to read other articles in our blog.
The complete open-source code of the project is available here:
The ADAMANT TECH LABS LP team already audited security internally. And now we are going through an independent security audits in accordance with the roadmap. With this in-mind

We’re launching the First Contest on breaking the ADAMANT Messenger’s security with a 30 ETH bounty

We have created two ADAMANT addresses: U15116875009834990076 and U3818586593002277729, we have transferred 15 ETH to their corresponding ETH wallets.
The balances are easy to verify by reviewing the ETH wallets on Etherscan. The records about binding the ADAMANT addresses to these ETH wallets are publicly available in KVS.
Unlike the "classic" security contests where you are offered to decrypt encrypted messages (pointless!), we give you full access to the entire ADAMANT infrastructure—the blockchain is fully accessible from the moment of its launch. Deploy your node and the messenger app locally, dive into the source code. We are aware that on the one hand such openness makes the project highly vulnerable to attacks, but on the other we are convinced that this is the only way to create a truly secure messenger — by joining efforts with information security experts.
We are conducting a correspondence between these two addresses (you can also send messages there yourself) which also contain the passphrases for them. Thus, having access to any of these identifiers, you gain access to the other, as well as to both attached ETH wallets (15 ETH each).
You can receive your reward the following ways:
  • Attain access to any of the ADM wallets (U15116875009834990076 or U3818586593002277729);
  • Decrypt the messages containing the passphrases to the wallets;
  • Find a vulnerability in the bonding of ETH and ADM addresses.
In the case of a successful hack, we ask you to send us a report with the detailed attack description.

Additional 10 ETH bounty

The strength of the Blockchain network guarantees not only reliable encryption, but also the invariability of the content of messages, their order, and the inability to substitute interlocutors.
Therefore, regardless of the main competition, we additionally announce a reward of 10 ETH for any of the following tasks (for U15116875009834990076 and U3818586593002277729):
  • Change the contents of any message;
  • Change the messages’ order;
  • Change the sender’s ID in a message;
  • Delete the message.
In the case of a successful hack, we ask you to send us a report with a detailed attack description.
We can also reward you for any information on other vulnerabilities in the ADAMANT Messenger (decision on that and reward size is determined individually).

Terms and results announcement

The first contest will be held until January 20, 2019. We will report the results after its completion and publicly provide the passphrases to the ADM wallets. Of course, there will be no ETH in the case of unsuccessful attempts (no winners).
If you complete the contest, you can obtain your reward instantly simply by transferring the ETH to your personal address. The additional rewards will be paid within a week after the contest if the listed vulnerabilities are found.

Contest results

Contest is over. Read the results.