ADAMANT Tech Labs Team

Pavel Evgenov

  • Executive and innovator with huge history of successful IT and Financial projects. MBA
  • Graduate of Government and Municipal Management (IMEI) — Alumnus
  • Secretary of Moscow Youth Community Ward

Alexey Lebedev

Project manager / System architect
  • IBM Certified Solution Designer — IBM Rational Unified Process.
  • Blockchain enthusiast
  • Over 15 years of work experience with IT-projects management and development
  • Head of InfoResheniya and irSoftware

Dmitriy Soloduhin

Lead developer / System architect
  • Master of science at Information Systems departament of Vladimir State University
  • Developer and system architect for wide spectrum of information systems (including Blockchain). Wide range IT-specialist
  • Interests: Lego, photography

Artem Vorobev

Product manager / Lead designer
  • Graduate of the faculty of Micro-units and technical cybernetics (MIET) — Alumnus
  • Over 10 years of work experience with IT-projects. Over 7 years of work experience with IT-startups
  • Wide range IT-specialist

Sergey Lebedev

Public relations
  • Graduate of the Architecture and Construction Department of Vladimir State University
  • Chief project engineer, entrepreneur
  • Under his leadership more than 50 projects have passed state expertise in the field of construction design

Pavel Anokhov

Lead iOS developer
  • Moscow Institute of Management
  • 12 years of experience in IT, from Technical Support to highload backend applications
  • Interests: Programming, snowboarding, and Portal 2

Sergey Ushakov

Front-end and Blockchain developer
  • Full Stack Web Developer. 10+ years of web application development using JavaScript, Ruby, Erlang
  • FP/Haskell enthusiast, freelancer

Anton Boyarkin

iOS developer
  • Graduated from Vladimir State University (VlSU) with a degree in information security
  • Experience in the IT field is 9 years. Experience with iOS development — 5 years
  • Interests: traveling, photography, diving

Pavel Dremanovich

Lead Android developer
  • Experience in the IT industry for more than 8 years, of which Android-development — 3 years
  • Likes to work 12 hours a day

Mikhail Efimov

Front-end developer
  • Work experience 4 years. Loves modern frameworks
  • Interesting in GNU / Linux, Vue, React

Alexander Kiselev

Lead Front-end developer
  • Graduate of Vladimir State University
  • He has been working in IT for 14 years; passed the path from the tester to the full-stack web developer
  • Currently specializes in front-end development

Dmitriy Trifonov

Front-end Developer
  • Graduate of Vladimir State University
  • Work experience 3 years

Valery Ignatov

Front-end Developer
  • Second-year student at Innopolis University, Full-Stack Javascript Developer
  • Over 3 years of development experience
  • Interested in Blockchain, Fintech, AI and Information Security

Artem Brunov

Lead Information Security Specialist
  • More than 7 years in the field of information security.
  • Penetration testing, Vulnerability assessment, Computer forensics.

Yan Brale

Lead Marketing Manager
  • 3 years experience in online media
  • IT-Content Editor
  • He is fond of Roman literature

Elena Andreeva

Editor / Community Manager
  • Graduated from Cherepovets State University (specialty: “philological support of the media”).
  • Experience with texts — 11 years, five of them — in advertising and electronic media. She was an employee of a political newspaper and a journalist for the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference project.

Oleksandr Zilber

Regional Representative
  • Journalist, video blogger, writer of articles about economics and libertarianism, freelancer. Since mid 2017 — Blockchain enthusiast and a passionate supporter of freedom and voluntary jurisdictions.
  • Doesn’t like governments and any kind of government structures.

Akhter Admet

Marketing Manager
  • 6 years of experience in IT and blockchain companies in Great Britain, Netherlands, Russia and Kazakhstan
  • Author of channel on growth hacking — marketing promotion of IT startups

Victor Vlas

Front-end Developer
  • 3 years of experience with JavaScript
  • Interests: chess, space colonization, Venus Project

Dmitrij Papulovskij

Front-end Developer
  • Expirienced web developer specializing on JavaScript (ES5/ES6/TS) and frontend
  • Responsible freelancer since 2012

Olga Drabenya

  • Interpreter. Graduated from Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University (Faculty of Foreign Languages, philological education in English and German)
  • Interested in arts and British literature

Dmitry Kalmo

  • 2 years experience in online IT media
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