Referral & Bounty campaigns


这是一次购买ADM代币支持该项目的机会,购买ADM代币还可以获得10%的收益。例如,如果有人使用您的链接购买1个BTC的 ADM代币,您将获得0.1个BTC。 你不必注册就可以参加ADAMANT的推荐计划。

  • msg.adamant.im上创建adm wallet并复制标识符;示例:u123652347234723472324324
  • 使用您唯一的推荐链接?refereal=ADAMWALLET;示例:?参考=U1236523472347234723432472324
  • 请在您的资源(博客、媒体、横幅等)上指定此链接,该链接可指向admant.im网站的任何页面;示例:
  • 推荐奖励每两周支付一次。如果您的推荐余额不为空,将通过ADAMANT的信使联系您。


We want you to meet the ADAMANT Messenger, Wallet & Exchanger. Take few of your time and you will get a reward in ADM tokens. A total of 2,235,238 ADM have been allocated to Adoption and Bounty campaigns.

  • Instant Airdrop of 0.1 ADM to try messaging on a blockchain. Just create an account in ADAMANT Messenger and get free tokens. More on Bitcointalk.
  • Both ADAMANT and Resfinex exchange are companies which encourage security and privacy. Users who set up ADAMANT 2FA on Resfinex, will receive bounty reward of 30 ADM and 3 RES tokens. More on Resfinex announcement.
  • In the partnership with Atomars exchange, ADAMANT Messenger is giving away free tokens. #Airdrop! You can get 0.3 ADM every hour.
  • We've created the interactive Bounty Bot! It gives rewards for social activity automatically and instantly after completing bounty tasks. Say "Hi!" to U1644771796259136854.
  • More Bounty campaigns coming soon. Watch our social accounts ❤
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    ADAMANT TECH LABS 2017–2020